Important Summer Roofing Tips for 2022

With the peak of summer approaching and temperatures on the rise, RNC Construction wants to provide you with our top summer roofing maintenance tips.

Check your Roof for Winter Damage

Winter damage can be hard to spot, so be sure to examine your roof closely. Get out a ladder or just do a visual spot-check for loose or missing shingles. Be sure to also check that your gutters aren’t cracked or otherwise damaged from previous winter/spring storms.

Clean Out Your Gutters and Drains

Leaves, branches, and twigs from surrounding trees can clog your drains and gutters. With the number of storms in the Mid-Atlantic Region over the past few months, there has been plenty of debris around. Be sure to clean the gutters and clear them of any debris to prevent overflow or damage to your gutters, drains, or roof during a heavy rainstorm.

Check That Your Ventilation is Working Properly

Proper ventilation to all parts of your home is important in keeping insulation and support structures dry and free of mold.

While performing these checks on your gutters, drains, and roof, be sure to follow the following summer safety tips.

Pay Close Attention to the Weather

  Before working on maintenance for your roof, be sure to check the weather. On a sunny day, aim to work outside of the sun’s high points. This means beginning early in the morning, breaking during the afternoon (the highest temperature of the day), and continuing to work during the cooler hours of the evening.

If the forecast calls for rain, whether it be light showers or thunderstorms, have a quick way to shut down your work. Even light rain can make your roof or standing surfaces extremely slippery, which can prove to be a major safety hazard.

Stay Cool

Whether it be a mild and cool day, or a blazing hot and humid day, be sure to take water breaks approximately every 15 minutes. Fill up a cooler with ice packs and water bottles and be sure to stay hydrated.

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