Delaying Roof Repairs or Replacement Can Cause Extreme Consequences

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 Examples are Leaks, Mold, Pests and Increased utility bills

All of these problems come from the same source: a roof that requires repairs or replacement.

Leaks in your roof that seem like a small matter will become a big deal over time.

When water gets inside, it leads to more problems with the structure of your roof. Unless it is stopped, and repairs are made, the structure of your home can get soaked, and mold can proliferate.Did you know that mold can start growing in as little as 24 hours?

Also, if holes in your roof go un-repaired, they become invitations for pests to invade – mice, birds and other rodents can fit into surprisingly small holes and invade your home.

With holes created on a damaged roof, your energy costs will increase because heat and cooled air will escape.

Eventually a damaged roof can have costly consequences the can lead to additional costs  like you may have roof decking to replace, pests to remove, walls and beams to clean, or even a crumbling structure to fix.

Don’t Wait call us today, the consequences caused by waiting to replace a bad roof can be extreme. We also have great financing options that you may be interested in with no payments and no interest for 12 months and it only takes about 5 minutes to apply


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