Roof Replacement Cost for 2022 in Virginia and Maryland

Whether you’re considering limited roof repair and maintenance, or complete roof replacement, there are five main factors to evaluate when you begin researching the cost of a new roof. Pay particular attention to the following areas when requesting quotes from roofing contractors:
Company reputation, Quality of roofing materials, Installation methods and techniques, Crew experience and expertise, and Warranty.
Choosing a roofing contractor and negotiating cost is a matter of achieving a balanced mix of how highly you value each of those five factors.

The Roofing Company and Their Reputation.

There’s a lot more to selecting a roofing contractor than simply searching the internet for “roofers near me.” Just as no two roofs are the same, not all roofing companies are created equal.
A good first step is to check the Better Business Bureau website to see how highly the company is rated and whether there are any unresolved consumer complaints about them. It’s also important to find a company with a solid track record of roof repair and installation in northern Virginia and Maryland. They’ll be most familiar with the problems that commonly affect roofs in your area, and they’ll have the most experience solving those specific problems. It also will make it easier for you to check out their work by visiting nearby homes. And always ask to see proof the roofing company you choose is fully licensed and insured, so you are not held responsible in the event of accident.

Quality of Roofing Materials.

Quality of Roofing Materials. The materials you use to replace your roof will affect the cost, durability, and curb appeal of your investment. Asphalt shingles are the most common material, and they come in a variety of styles and price points. Other types of roof covering include slate, tile, cedar shakes, metal, and plastic polymers. Some of these options may not be possible to install on your home depending on your home’s age or construction. Although the shingles are what everyone sees, there are additional materials to consider when replacing your roof. The most common materials include: The wood decking, A water/ice barrier, Starter strip, Flashing, Drip edge, Underlayment, Ridge caps, And possibly other specialized materials depending on your particular project. Don’t ignore these “hidden” materials just because they’re not obvious to your eye. Make sure you know all the specific roofing components that will be included in the price you negotiate for your roof. Verify also that all supplies will be top grade, first run, new material — no seconds, expired, or previously installed materials.

Roofing Installation Method and Techniques.

The average cost to replace a roof is highly dependent on the materials and installation methods used. The two factors are closely related and affect one another. Following are some of the major factors in roof installation you should clarify up front so you know exactly what you’re paying for, and why one roofing estimate may be higher or lower than another.  
Re-roof, or replace? Re-roofing means nailing down a fresh layer of shingles over existing shingles. Replacement means stripping the roof to the wood decking and installing an all-new roof. Re-roofing is much less expensive and is acceptable in some situations. On the other hand, it might be a bad idea, dangerous, or even impossible in some cases. Make sure you know which one is right for you, and the difference in cost.
Water/ice barrier and underlayment. Various materials and suppliers may be used for these two important layers of your roof. Each will perform differently in terms of leak prevention, temperature regulation inside your home, durability, and longevity. Installation methods will depend on what type of shingle material you choose, home age and construction, environmental factors, and more. Costs vary by installation method and material. Make sure you know which options are included in your price quote. Not-so-obvious roof components. There’s a lot more included in the average cost of a new roof than the top layer of shingles everyone sees. Depending on your home’s age and condition, you may even need to replace some or all of the wood decking that forms the first layer of your roof. Other possible special installation considerations include soffit vents, exhaust vents, ridge vent replacement, drip edging, and even gutters. The more not-so-obvious components you need or choose to install, the greater the cost.

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