Why Replace Your Roof In The Fall Before Winter Hits our area?

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When new shingles are installed, they need some time to seal and create an airtight barrier that will stand up to even the harshest weather. By replacing your roof in the fall, the shingles have plenty of time to bond before they can fully insulate your roof prior to the winter cold weather and snowfall. A new roof is energy efficient and will save you money on heating costs.

It’s a mistake to try to get it through another winter even if the current  problems are relatively minor, like a few small holes or minor leaks because winter can magnify them to a whole new level. A major snowfall can create nightmares for homeowners with faulty roofs since the added weight of the snow can cause further structural problems and trigger leaks and other moisture-related problems such as ice dams. Replacing your roof in the fall provides the luxury of not worrying that your roof will last through another snow-filled winter.

In addition, replacing your roof in the fall prevents winter Pests from Moving into your home when winter weather arrives. As temperatures drop, raccoons, mice, chipmunks, and other wildlife may take advantage of any gaps in your roofing that allow them easy access to the interior of your home.

In case you’re not sure if your roof will make it through the coming winter, you should consider scheduling your free roof inspection with RNC Construction Group. Give us a call today at either one of our offices. MD 443-602-0018  or VA 703-964-6233


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