As a Northern Virginia or Maryland homeowner we know you are looking for the best quality residential roofing job for the best price. We pride ourselves on quality expertise and affordable roofing services.. Our goal is to continue to service your virginia or maryland home for many years to come, and that’s why our clients are clients for life. Every installer is a professional with many years of roofing experience so feel assured you are in the best hands during every step of the roof replacement process.


Installing or replacing a roof is a serious time and money investment. Whether you are installing a metal, slate or tile roof we can work with you to ensure you get the roof you’ve always desired. At The RNC Roofing Group, we have the experience and the ability to make the process as hassle free as possible.

When replacing your roof, the materials that are used will make a difference in the longevity of your investment. We work with GAF and Certainteed-the best brands to insure your roof stays hassle free for a long time to come. 

The reputation of the company you choose to replace your roof is important, because you want a roofing partner you can trust. Your home protects your family, and we want to be the partner you work with for many years to come to provide everything you need to keep mother nature out, and warmth and comfort in.

Man bending down completing the roof installation
Man on top of roof repairing with cords and ladder


If the worst was to happen and your roof becomes damaged or begins to leak, the RNC Roofing Group has the expertise to find and fix the problem. Due to our experience we have solutions for every situation to ensure your roof doesn’t leak again. We recommend regular maintenance to insure the integrity of your roof.

Severe storms are one major cause of roof leaks. These issues regardless of the cause can create major problems quickly. We are available for roofing emergencies regardless of the cause.

Repairing problems that have been detected can add longevity to your roof so you replace less often. High winds, falling debris and even pests like raccoons can cause damage to your roof. The smallest leak can result in damage to ceilings, paint, carpets and expensive electronics which turns a small issue into a big expense.


Every day your roof experiences wear and tear through the process of natural aging and exposure to the elements. Maintaining your roof is a large part of making sure you receive no surprises on your property. By setting up a regular maintenance schedule you can ensure any issues are fixed while they are small and don’t have time to develop into bigger, costlier ones.  

Roof maintenance is the regular scheduling of tasks to keep your roof in a watertight condition.

A roof maintenance program will protect the longevity of your roof.

When we perform the annual roof maintenance inspection, we will check your entire roofing system, looking for any sign of potential problems

  • including splits,
  • blisters,
  • clogged drains,
  • trees/shrubs
  • missing or broken roof tiles
  • blown off shingles.
  • Cracked Flashing
  • Broken or Missing Shingles
  • Valleys (where areas of a roof come together) are not properly sealed
  • Vent Booting is Cracked
  • Clogged Gutters
  • Attic Condensation
  • Walking on the roof regularly 


We service Northern Virginia (Sterling, Fairfax, Arlington), Maryland (Gaithersburg, Rockville, Beltsville) and the surrounding areas.  

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